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  • Six classes of SuperKindeez
  • A FREE pair of SuperPark grip socks 
  • FREE venue access throughout the day
  • A welcome pack of SuperPark goodies
  • A SuperPark certificate of participation

Class Details

Age Range : 1 - 2 years old

Dates : 23 October - 27 November

Day : Every Tuesday

Time: 14:30 - 15:15

No. of class : 6

Class Duration : 45 mins

Remarks: Free access for guardian. Guardian must be involved. 

Program description

Introductory program for our youngest Sparkers (along with a parent/guardian) to explore and intereact with each other in learning new physical challenges and skills

  • Improve lower and upper body coordination
  • Set them on a supportive pathway to fostering a love of physical activity

Kindeez is an opportunity for your child to start their journey with SuperPark. All games and experiences within this program will foster and nurture a love for exploration and physical activity. In the company of a guardian Kindeez will provide inclusive support and social skills for both child and adult to learn and develop together.

Important Details

  • Please ensure that all participants wear their program T-shirt and socks at each session to allow Instructors, Program Leaders, Crew and other guests to easily identify SuperProgram participants
  • Free venue access throughout the remainder of the day
  • A SuperProgram certificate of participation handed out on the last day
  • SuperProgram confirmation will be sent to your e-mail once the payment is completed. Please present this e-mails to the reception at the beginning of term for enrolment purposes
  • Please be careful about that age group that you select, all participants must be within the required age range otherwise we cannot accommodate your application
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your Program starts
  • There are no refunds. Parents/guardians of participants can apply for credit for an extended period of sickness of a minimum of three weeks supported by a doctor's note.
  • Dates cannot be changed once your booking has been confirmed.
  • Please email in advance of any special/related health considerations that may affect the participants involvement within our programs for discussion and consideration, such as:
    • Respiratory
    • Colds/flu
    • Muscle soreness or fatigue
    • Individual needs or disabilities, including: visual, hearing, physical or intellectual
  • Parents or legal guardians should give full consent and approval for their child(ren) to participate in any SuperProgram. Terms and Conditions apply. Please check here and ensure every entry participant reads it before entering the Park. View Terms and Conditions.